The promise of access

Preserving our historic strengths by supporting outstanding students and faculty.

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The promise of discovery

Opportunities to learn by doing, through research experience, field-based work, and course-related travel.

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The promise of achievements

The contributions of our alumni in every walk of life continue to grow in vast disproportion to their numbers.

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The promise of generations

Alumni, parents, and friends have made Amherst one of the most exceptional colleges in the country.

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Peter J. Weiller

"Freshman year, early fall: Professor Baird enters our English One section by climbing through the window of Appleton, throwing his hat in the wastepaper basket and sitting on the desk. We spent the remainder of the class redefining the window as a door, the wastebasket as a hat rack, and the desk as a chair. Lucky me, to have this brilliant and dynamic professor as my English One teacher."

Peter "Tiger" Weiller came to Amherst for the "sensible" fraternity system that offered membership to all freshmen; central dining, which promoted fellowship throughout the College; proximity to Smith and Mount Holyoke; and the core curriculum. As an undergraduate, he was a member of Sphinx, the honorary society, and was the manager or assistant manager of many organizations and activities, including the golf team, the newspaper, and the yearbook. As an alumnus, he has continued to serve the College as class president and secretary, and has been recognized with the Distinguished Service Award and the Medal for Eminent Service.

After forty-two years, Weiller retired from a career with Thompson-Leeds of New York City, a point-of-purchase advertising company where he was one of the original partners and served as vice-chairman of the board. Weiller is involved with a host of philanthropic activities, enjoys tennis, hiking, and photography, and is a proud grandfather.

On giving to Amherst, Weiller says, "Amherst played such an important part in my life that I am motivated to do whatever I can to help give this liberal arts institution the ability to teach people to think and to express themselves. No one gift can accomplish what Amherst needs. It is the continuity and the variety of gifts, through the Annual Fund, endowment, and bequests that make it possible to keep Amherst a superior educational institution."